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3D Selfies to freeze a moment in time

Have you ever imagined a miniature version of yourself? Get yourself 3D scanned and 3D printed to freeze time and create lifelong memories. Enjoy a stunningly detailed 3D printed figurine (statues and busts from 6 to 18 cm) that you can hold in your hands and observe from any angle. It makes an original and unique gift idea or... the ultimate selfie!

Get your 3D selfie in 4 easy steps:

  1 - Make an appointment for your scan via the scanning process only takes 5 minutes.

  2 - We process the file and send it to you the next day by e-mail so you can see yourself in 3D on your computer.

   3 - Order your 3D selfie in the dimension of your choice (see Price list).

  4 - We print and deliver your 3D selfie to an address of your choice (48 hours delivery time)

  • Wedding bride and groom

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    Give your wedding cake a special twist with you and your love as bride and groom cake figurines..

  • Children’s memories

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    They grow so fast, so how about freezing each stage of their exciting lives with a super cute selfie?

  • Family Gift

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    Looking for an original family gift? Get yourself printed in 3D or offer your relatives a gift voucher.

  • Business Incentive

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    Give your business incentives a remarkable extra with colleagues or clients printed in 3D.

  • Sports

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    Love your sport? Put on your favourite gear and get you and your team a 3D selfie to show with those cups and medals!

  • Lifelong Memory

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    Create a lifetime memory of special moment in time like a graduation, a special achievement or being pregnant.

  • A special portrait

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    For centuries it was common to have oneself immortalised. But techniques evolve, so follow President Obama and get your own 3D printed buste.

  • Animation Figurines

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    Create fun and surprising special effects with 3D printed figurines or use them for your stop motion animation project.